Goodbye Glossybox

This past week I got my July Glossybox. And this past week I cancelled my Glossybox subscription.

Why?? Well, I had been expecting a lot with Glossybox, especially since everytime one of my UK friends posted pics of theirs, I was envious. But this is the second box in a row that is less than exciting and at $21 per box, per month, I can’t justify spending the cash.  So this month’s box I got a shampoo and conditioner (Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone), a heel creme (Alessandro International) an eyebrow pencil (Ofra Cosmetics) and lipgloss (Senna Cosmetics Double Dose Lip Lacquer). I think I’m lipglossed out at the moment. I was however happy about the eyebrow pencil-which promptly broke on its second use. The heel creme was ok, but Julep has a better one-it’s more absorbent. Those two packets you see there are hand creme, and they’re nice enough but I’ll stick with my Soap and Glory Hand Food. I haven’t tried the shampoo/conditioner yet, but they’re travel sized so my next trip I take, I’ll throw them in the bag.

The boxes they come in are really nice-but what is inside has been underwhelming to me. I know some people LOVE their boxes but I’m just not one of them.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting. I have been obsessing about Glossy Box since I have heard of it. I am in the process of cancelling My Glam bag but every time I click unsubscribe, nothing happens. I don’t really have any complaints about My Glam bag, I am just not wow-ed by it.

    • Terbear says:

      Are you unsubscribing from the box or their newsletter (ie I get the newsletter but not the box). Honestly the best one so far has been New Beauty Test Tube. Quarterly but you get so much good stuff

  2. biggirlblab2 says:

    It’s what’s inside the pretty box that really matters, the box is just the tranport not something to use for other than putting more items in or as decoration. Most of the time (50%) people throw away the box and keep the contents not the other way around. If what your getting is not what you want then you have a right to cancel or refuse the item(s), so you go girl for not being one of the many who conforms. Keep up the fab work and awesome informative blog..Thanks

    • Terbear says:

      Thank you! Isn’t it crazy that they put that much effort into the physical box but it feels like nothing tht great in terms of wht’s in it? Disappointing. For nine bucks more, the New Beauty Test Tube has been fantastic-I get at least 3 or 4 full sized products. Sure it’s quarterly but it’s been great!

  3. Katie says:

    I haven’t seen one GB that had made me want to sign up. BB is fun because it’s just $10 & it’s nice to get a little surprise in the mail, and there is usually something I always use out of it.

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  5. The box is worth $21 IMO. I didn’t get the eyebrow pencil but I wish I had. I love that Sebastian shampoo and conditioner – most boxes would give you just one of the products, not both. The gloss is a beauty and it would make a nice gift for a friend if you are glossed out. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be subscribing but at least there are some full size items in the box.

    • Terbear says:

      I had tried to gloss and didn’t really like it-often when I don’t like something in my boxes I do gift them out but I just wasn’t “wowed” by either offering. Which is good, because it seems like there’s a subscription for everyone! For the $20 I think I’d rather just get a new lipstick. Then again, I have several subscriptions and am just trying to figure out which ones I love enough to make the monthly investment-for me, GG wasn’t one.

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  10. Charlotte says:

    I’m in the UK and was completely head over heels in love with my glossybox for the first two months.. and then I had four months of complete rubbish.. nothing ever matched the beauty profile they had me fill in (I said I like natural make up, they sent me bright purple eyeshadow and green eyeliner) and they even sent an own brand blusher brush a couple of months back as one of their ‘luxury’ products, it was scratchy and the bristles fell out and stuck to my face. Not OK.

    Anyway, before I rant any more, I wanted to say I cancelled mine too, I’ll be sticking to full size products from now on :) x

    • Terbear says:

      I just think it’s such a better use of my money. I saw this month’s and it’s a VAST improvement but for $20 while take the gamble?

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